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Taking the Tech out of Technology...

I.T.S. takes the tech out of technology by providing personal, customized training and support.

Corporate Training

We offer learning and development training to help improve your ROI and learning efficiency. Our training is based on the fact that your company has varied skill levels, roles, knowledge, and abilities. We educate in such a way where technology is not the barrier to learning but the catalyst to accomplishing work goals. 

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Skill Development


We offer Skill Development by identifying skill gaps and help you to enhance your skill set with technology in mind. We ensure that you can use technology while gaining the necessary skillset to be able to compete in today's job market.

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Small Business Automation and Processes


We help you to use your current software and application to automate and create processes for business efficiency.  Learn a set of activities that once completed will help in accomplishing organizational goals.

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About I.T.S. Enterprises

I.T.S. Enterprises, Inc. (Innovative Technology Solutions) is a professional, full-service Technology Company that provides Corporate Training, Business Application Support, and Graphic Design and Consultation services.

I.T.S. Enterprises, Inc. is dedicated to Bridging the Gap in Technology by offering Innovative Technology Solutions through Customized Personal Training, Support, and Consultation.  We strive to provide the Innovative Technology Tools and Solutions to meet the Individual and Business training needs of our clients.


About Michelle Nash

CEO and Founder



Michelle Nash is a dedicated Business Professional with over 20 years’ experience working in the legal arena. She began her career as a Legal Assistant in New York City and worked her way up to Information Technology support and trainer. She has trained in Law firms, Corporations, and Government Agencies where her love for training coupled with her technical experience is presented in a polished, engaging manner, providing proven results for clients who have benefited from her experience.

In the areas of development and training, she has participated in implementation, migrations, leadership training, and strategic planning.  Michelle handles fast-paced and high-pressure environments extremely well.  Her extensive background in the legal environment affords Michelle an insider’s view of technology which enables her to gain the confidence of her clients at all levels.

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